Thursday, March 29, 2012


Actually I am not a huge fan of flat-faced cats but I am now hehehehe :3

Aww look at that face. Isn't she adorable <3

Can't get enough of you guys :)

Maz, Azfar and Wafi came out with a plan on doing another class reunion since the one we had before wasn't going so well. So for our upcoming class reunion, they're planning to do BBQ at Taman Gelora instead of Teluk Chempedak..which is fine to me eventhough I rarely go to Taman Gelora. I remember the last time I went was two years ago I think (nama je duduk Kuantan tapi tak pergi pun)..haha. Anyway..the reunion will be held on 7th April from 11a.m until's the event page that Wafi made..

I just can't wait to meet you guys :) and......I have no idea what to write right now because it's almost 2a.m and I am sleepy as hell. Goodnight everybody. Lots of love zzzzzzz

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Class reunion (24/3/2012)

Our class reunion didn't go well as we planned but who cares..we had so much fun spending time together :) Here are some pictures of our retarded faces you might want to see hehe <3