Sunday, February 20, 2011


Me and my two best friends, Maj and Nana were on our way to tuition and we accidentally saw a naked guy!!! Me and Nana were like 'whatttafffffaaak!'. Maj didn't saw the 'thing' at first but after looking at him for the second time, she finally noticed the 'thing' haha! We were so scared he might do something bad to us so we decided not to take the shortcut :P


  1. ..that's really insane... you should have called the police... that man's creating a public scandal... terrible...(T__T)... glad you and your friend was fine... good day!!^^

  2. You know what Kelvin, he was on the phone that day. He was busy talking with his friend and didn't even notice his pen*** came out. Haha. I was soooo afraid I couldn't even take another look at him :P