Friday, May 27, 2011

My English Teacher

It's been a while since I've blogged..soooo yeah.

The reason I blog today is because of my English teacher, Puan Zuriati. I'm so grateful I get the chance to meet her this morning. I thought yesterday was her last day in school because last Wednesday she came to my class (I was not there, I went home because I was sick) and said that she's not going to be around when school reopen. She has been transferred to Kota Bharu because her husband works there.

When I was on my way to the office with Maz and Dila, I saw Puan Zuriati was in the hall preparing something for the Drama club. I stopped. I was so sad to get in the hall because I knew she's going to leave us sooner or later and I just couldn't accept the fact.

BUT I HAVE TO. So I braved myself and met her. Once she saw me, she hugged me tightly and asked 'where have you been that day?'. Then we talked for a couple of minutes...I was so sad I couldn't hold my tears any longer so I cried. She wiped my tears away and hugged me again for the last time and said 'I'm going to miss you' followed by a kiss :'(

I've never cried over a teacher before. She's the first one.

She's the best teacher in the whole wide world I tell you. THE BEST TEACHER. I love you so much Puan Zuriati..I really do. And...thank you for everything. You have taught us a lot...

I'm going to miss you :') <3<3<3


  1. ya..she's the best teacher ever.

  2. you bet hehe :)
    btw I miss you too Irna.c