Sunday, March 31, 2013

Money money money

It is the end of March, which means it has been a week of my semester break. I pretty much have another two months here, in Kuantan which is great but still, clueless as always, I don't have any idea what to do for this looooonngggg semester break. Well, some say I should just enjoy myself to the fullest on this long holiday. Maybe go on a vacation or something. And some say I should get a job, just to earn some pocket money which is probably the best idea so far as I am hopelessly broke right now. Yup, ya heard me, I am broke. Having no savings at all in my bank account is just like rubbing salt into the wound  T.T

"I knew this would happen! UGH! I should have spent my money wisely! Bottled water?? A couple of shirts?? Novels?? Expensive, luxurious food?? Why...why on earth did I spent all my money on things that I don't need?" keeps going on and on in my mind, left me nothing but horrible, horrible feelings of regret. And no one is to be blamed except for me, myself. /sigh/. But hell I am not gonna fall once more, gonna spend my money on unnecessary things no more. What I did back then was a foolish act, carried by greediness and unstable thinking.

And to be really honest, I cried when I was in the university for being broke. Never in my life, I repeat, NEVER in my life I cried so hard just because I don't have any money left. It is not like I can't call my mom asking her to bank in the notes. She would definitely straight away bank in some money for her reckless daughter, but it is about me, it is about how stupid I was, not even have the slightest sense of guilt for myself for spending the money vigorously. Sobbed, I vowed under the moonlight that I should take a good care of my expenses from now on.

And THANK GOD my dark days were over now. The experience that I had was a major turning point for myself. It somehow taught me to be a little bit more responsible on whatever I do in life especially regarding on how I spend my money.

p/s : Just realize that this is my very first post of 2013. Hehe. Cheers to the first post!

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  1. I see that you didn't write anymore. Anyway, it was fun reading about you...