Monday, November 22, 2010

School Holidays!

Buenos Días people! it means good morning in Spanish (pshhh, everyone knows that :P). There's nothing exciting to tell you guys what had happened in KL (okay, maybe just one). My cousin, Azmir, is married last Friday! :D Azmir is married with a veterinarian, K.Nita. They look so cute together, I'm so jealous. Hihi just kidding :3 well there's nothing much, I was assigned to shoot some videos of the wedding, which makes me to get on the stage. I was damn tired of course, but it was really fun :) okay, so today I'm just sitting like the old women having their scrambled egg and milk (or maybe it just me having that kind of breakfast lol xD) I will be going out with Maj and my annoying sister, Ika..Nana and Mia will not be around because they have some sorta misunderstanding about something. I hope they will be friends like the old days. They will. They have to.
........................wish them luck........................

I will be heading to Terengganu tomorrow, just me and Ika. Well I'm so happy I can spend my time with K.ya, definitely..lagipun lepas ni, semua akan buat hal masing-masing. Dengan SPM nya lagi..K.ya dengan kerja lagi, Ika PMR, but what can I do, that's life..I will cherish every moment with them <3

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