Monday, December 20, 2010

So much for life

Hello peeepol. It's now 0157 and I still don't feel like sleeping. I don't know why I sleep late every night. Usually at this time I'll watch telly but tonight (or should I say morning?) is slightly different, I'm just lying on bed trying to remember all the fun moments with my annoying little sister, Ika, my best friends Maj, Nana, Mia and Mina..I'll never forget the moment you guys came to my house (Mina was not there with us) and we all went straight to the park, took some pictures, bought some snacks and dancing like crazy people as if no one was watching our 'free show' ha-ha! It was really fun hanging out with such cool friends like you guys :') and it's really sad though remembering all the fun stuff we had because you guys seem so far away now. School holidays suck and my life feels meaningless. I need a vacation. I don't care where the place might be as long as it is far from this town, far from this country, and never come back (how I wish).

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