Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bad day huh?

1) Okay..world cup is finally over. What a relief :) oh yeah..I will be going to Melaka this Friday, hm Saturday maybe..I will be sending my second brother there. So I will not be attending the sports day, how sad..that means I will not be able to spend time with my crazy friends and the most important thing is, I won't be able to see my brother for a few months..I'm gonna miss him :(

2) Hm yeah..everything seems normal, but deep down, I kinda miss this freakin' person. Hm Irna..I miss ya badly. When will you come back? You're such a bad ass :'( how could you do such a thing? Dah la tinggal aku..at least buatkan lah aku your delicious cupcakes xD Come back soon okay. I will be waiting for ya :)

3) Today Adilla sat beside me after the recess was finished. Before we went for our recess..me, Maz, Adilla, Atik and Azim were doing the oral test, we came out pretty bad because we haven't prepare yet..teacher seemed a bit frustrated, I guess. Sorry...

4) She haven't talked to me..I don't know why..I was trying to give her a smile this morning..but then..when I looked at her, she looked away without any words, without saying HYE! I was down a bit..but it's okay. Hm so, I just sat there quietly and started to read something and the situation became stiifer and stiffer. Hm I just don't understand her sometimes :(

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