Monday, July 5, 2010

A day without Maj

Bak kata Maj "so called boring life". Haha! Okay, today was quite boring because Maj and Irna didn't come to school and yeah I didn't talk Yalini sat beside me in the class. After I came back from recess, Yalini told me that ada nurse nak check gigi then I was like "habislahhh". Haha then masa check, the dentist asked me something about my teeth then I answered "dah lama dah tampal yang bukan permanent ni"..then he laughed at me all of a sudden aha. He told me that he will call me for another checkup. Okay, disebabkan check gigi ni, kiteorang tak belajar addmaths :)

p/s ; thanks for the birthday present Art <3

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