Saturday, July 17, 2010

Such a great night

(4.54 a.m)
I've spent my night with Maj and Nana by joining the Sabs Charity Night. We were having so much fun. Everything's went fine just like we have planned..but Maj and Nana were late and they actually should be punished haha! They should bought me an ice-cream or a piece of cake. Haha that will do xD
Okay back to the topic. Yeah, we were enjoying ourselves by watching Rahimi, Annur, Elmo, Zam, Kamal, Amirul and Danial's performances :D they were deadly awesome, we were so impressed. Great job you guys! :D

After 3 hours sitting there, me, Maj and Nana went down to the lobby and we were taking pictures, lots and lots of pictures. Hm did I mention retarded pictures? haha! Maj and Nana were crazy, their pictures drive me insane, it was damn hilarious. We can't stop laughing by looking at those pictures and by saying em-o haha, you guys know what I mean right? xD haha! You guys really made my day. I'm really grateful to have friends like both of you :')


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