Friday, July 2, 2010

My Birthday

Last night, Taqy brought k.ya and adik's presents and gave it to me. K.ya, thanks for the sleeveless shirt, and adik thanks for the dress. Love it so much <3<3 Thanks a lot :) Irna..thanks for the delicious cupcakes, yummy. Kau saja nak buat aku gemuk kan? Cakap jela haha :D and thanks to all yang wish kat aku. Love you guys so damn much. But..someone, hm I don't know whether the "HAMSTER GUY" remembers my birthday or not. But it's okay :) perhaps he has a good reason for that. Haaa, thanks Areh because dia jadi orang pertama yang wish aku <3 Thanks abg. Second Nizam, then Hariz Ibrahim, Majdiah Hanisah, K.Fadilah, K.ya and Shed..then baru yang lain-lain. Mia didn't come to school today, I kinda miss her :( Nana pun sama haha. Aku rindu kau tau. Sgt sgt <3<3 Oh ya..thanks to Mina, Ezat, Rahimi, Amirul Fiqri, Sufi and Nasrul too <3 hm siapa lagi haa, Momox. Thanks :) Love you guys sooooooo much :)

p/s : I love you so much Ikan Koi = Maj. I really do <3

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