Monday, July 19, 2010


I miss my brother, Rudy, already..he has gone to ALAM, Akedemi Laut Malaysia to continue his study..I wish he was here :(

Hm right after we sent Rudy to ALAM, we planned to go to Taman Rama-Rama but I don't know why they changed plan all of a sudden and decided to go to Zoo Melaka. Okay, when we've reached our destination, we bought some food before entering the zoo, haha that's a must. Yeah, I had fun there, my parents and Ika were having fun too..and these are the few pictures you might want to see.

p/s : I still remember the last time I went to a zoo when I was in standard 1 with my cousins, haha such embarrassing ;p not to mention, very kg haha

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