Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Give me a title.

There's nothing interesting today..I went to school by bus..then I've joined Sufi, Mia and Areh who were sitting at the canteen waiting for the bell to ring. Oh ya..Zam was there too. I completely forgot about him..well, I was waiting for Maj and Mina..and surprisingly Maj came early today..and I found that her dad was the one who was sending Maj to school, no wonder :D Zam and Sufi were talking about Scarface's dance performance..they were gossiping if I'm not mistaken. Haaaa xD then Mia and Areh had a fight..Mia was crying all of a sudden, she hid her face with her bag and walked to the toilet. Me, Maj and Mina didn't know what to do, we were all looking at each other and leaved the place without a sound. I felt guilty for leaving Mia behind..but I really don't know what to do..sorry Mia. I was trying to help but I felt blank for awhile. Hm okay, today Maj came to my house..I've decided to bring her along because I was worried that Nana will not be going to accompany her because Nana had a class to attend. Sorry for not telling you, Nana. Okay, dad bought two nasi ayam, one for me, and one for Ika..there's no nasi ayam for Ikan Buntal. So I've told dad to stop at a shop and I've bought Carbonara sauce and spaghetti. When we've reached home, I shared my nasi ayam with Maj then after finished eating, I quickly cook the carbonara and served to our queens, Ika and Maj. We were chatting and ended with a big laugh which makes me want to vomit haha! Maj was so disgusting, you guys should see her face when she's eating + launghing. Eeeew! Haha!

That's all, thanks for reading :)

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