Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm dying

Okay so today I went to a clinic because of migraine I guess..I'm not really sure. Hm the doctor is a guy which means I don't really like it. So after my dad told the doctor what really happened, he left and told me he will wait outside. So in the room, it's just me and the doctor. After a few minutes, he took a look in my throat and pushed my stomach, he also touched my forehead and asked whether it hurts or not..then he asked some questions about my school, my house, my classmates and many more..but I didn't answer any of his questions. I said nothing was wrong so he skipped and told me that I should take this and that medicine. Then he asked me to call my I decided to wait outside.

After a few minutes waiting, at last! Dad finally finished talking with that doctor. dad came to me and told me that I shouldn't take caffeine and sweets. So I was like whattt?! Before I could say anything, he added that I should take vitamin C every day. Hm what was that all about? I couldn't take caffeine and sweets, then I should eat regularly, cannot skip breakfast and eat the medicine that the doctor had given...

Could it get any worse?

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